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Welcome to the Champions Club!

Changing the game for referral-based business owners to spend more time with their ideal clients by scaling sustainably without the hassle or hustle!

Get not just a good solution but the right solution for you with a personalized playbook for success that leads to compound growth.

If you struggle with not knowing what to do, how to do it, or are trying to do too much.

Playmaker can help you become a playmaker or be the playmaker you need for your business.

It’s hard to stand out when you haven’t been in business for years and years but you know prospects are Googling you.

Does your online presence attract or deter prospects from wanting to work with you?

Geared specifically toward under 5 year advisors like you, to maximize your digital presence so that when you reach out or a prospect learns about you your online presence lets them know you understand them, their challenges, and you can help.  They are in the right place.

That is where The Champions Club comes in. Don’t miss your opportunity!


Financial Advisors

  • Early Bird Bonus Expires – TBD
  • Program Closes: May 2024
  • Program: Sept – June-Aug 2024
  • Limited to 15 people

What It Is...

A 2-month group program for NM under 5-year financial advisors to stand out, gain more clarity on the problem you solve for clients, and enhance your digital presence through an updated website, social media profiles, and maximized search.

What It Does...

Provides an online presence that speaks for you and attracts more ideal clients helping you set more appointments.

What It Means...

You don't have to do it alone, struggle with what to write, or to find the time to update your digital presence. You have a coach that has worked in and with financial advisors for over 2 decades and a team to hold you accountable and take the burden off your shoulders. You can finally feel proud of your digital presence.


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81% of consumers search online before making a purchasing decision

*Early Bird Bonus Expires Spring 2024 – Date Coming Soon

If you're ready to up-level your approach join the Champions Club.

If you are looking to accelerate your growth or you just need someone to help you execute this program is for you. 

Get in before the final whistle on May 2024!


Now, instead of dreading prospecting or feeling like marketing is overwhelming, inconsistent, or unintentional, business owners have:

Owner Jennifer with her husband and daughter at Christmas time.
I believe that you deserve to attract more ideal clients and that it doesn’t have to be so difficult In my journey, I have found that my greatest teammates are my husband, Keith, and my daughter, Samantha. They always encourage me to stay true to my own game and maintain an offensive mindset. Living with intention is a value I hold close to my heart. This year, my chosen word is “Light.” It serves as a reminder to bring a sense of ease, brightness, and simplicity to everything I do. And that includes making client acquisition a lighter and more enjoyable experience for you. Together, we can explore strategies and approaches that make the process of attracting new clients feel effortless and uplifting. Let’s work towards achieving your goals while embracing a sense of lightness and joy along the way.

Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
Certified Financial Consultant (ChFC)
Master Certified Greider Breakthrough Business Coach
Certified Trainer
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
The University of Missouri, Bachelor of Science, Marketing

Sea Captain Coaching – Executive Coach 
The American College – Member
Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) – Member
Strategic Alliance – Member
The Idea Collective Small Business Incubator – Member
Girl Scout – Volunteer
St. Leonard Catholic Church – Pastoral Council & Marketing Committee Member
Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation – Volunteer
University of Missouri  Mentor