Already successful, John and his team of 3 had a vision to become a premier wealth management team. That year, John faced personal circumstances he knew would limit his time in the business. Spending time working on the business was critical.

My factfinder with John and his team revealed no shortage of ideas. They were doing too many things and couldn’t execute at the level they desired. John had to simplify and focus on delighting his best clients. The marketing plan created and executed with his team targeted their efforts on client acquisition and client experience.

Key tactics included continuing taking clients to key 1:1 client engagement events that he was participating in already. It was something John enjoyed doing, and it generated great results. Creating a consistent referral process, social media prospecting focus and integrated marketing into the weekly team meeting made a significant difference.

By simplifying and focusing, they achieved Forum!


Jennifer is an amazingly adept, responsible, and caring professional. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for a number of years and find that her creativity, exceptional care for details and willingness to jump into any task to keep "moving the ball forward" are formidable character traits. The specific projects with which Jennifer supported our organization entailed creating and executing on a strategic marketing plan designed to achieve key results. I found that Jennifer was not only knowledgeable, but highly organized and relentless on follow through. I highly recommend Jennifer for any role in which you may find her skills to be relevant.

John Gatewood

John Gatewood, CFP, CLU
Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Gatwood Wealth Solutions

Jennifer was a great thought leader for our teams past and present marketing initiatives. We have worked together on numerous occasions developing impact of social and organic marketing. Jennifer has a great ability to think outside the box and deploy thoughts into action steps.

Aaron Young

Aaron Young
Partner at Barnes Young Wealth Management

Jennifer progressively consistently delivered high-level contributions to the Marketing Department. Jennifer was one of the top consultants and went on to lead the Consulting Program recommending the strategy and direction for the program. She delivered results by providing leadership, coaching and mentoring to our team of consultants. She designed and lead hands-on workshops. Jennifer provided strategy and direction on several key initiatives including Book of Business, Field Relationship Management and Client Relationship Management. Jennifer anticipates evolving trends and needs and proactively recommends process improvements, innovative considerations, technology advancements, and streamlined approaches to address those needs

Conrad York

Conrad York
Founder at Conrad York Consulting

Jennifer was an integral part in helping me understand where I needed to focus and prioritize my time in order to help grow my practice. She was easy to communicate with and encouraged me to become the best version of myself in order for me to better serve my clients. Strongly recommend working with her!

Greg Lindsay

Greg Lindsay
Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

Jennifer coached me and a group of rising advisors at the Gateway to Growth program at Northwestern Mutual. She facilitated our group at the 3-day seminar and led our monthly follow up conference calls for the next year. Jennifer also implemented the use of Group Me app (which I - the millennial- had never heard of!) for better communication with peer group members. Ultimately, Jennifer has always provided me new tools and resources to build my business and kept me accountable by coaching me toward my goals.

Matthew Thibodeau

Matthew Thibodeau
Fianncial Advisor & Field Director

I feel very fortunate to have met Jennifer early in my career as she has become a role model for me in how she is a team player, her consulting skills and how she strategizes different ways to support her clients. I admire her way to be very deliberate in goal setting and building relationships. Jennifer always makes herself available to her clients and her gentle approach of identifying pain points or gaps and aiding clients through them to achieve success. It is apparent that Jennifer does not settle for average since her drive and motivation is always striving for more. I appreciate the time that she has spent with me to aid me throughout my career and encourage me to always challenge myself professionally and personally.

Janell Ream

Janell Ream
CRM Analyst at Jockey International, Inc.

I very seldom write recommendations, however in Jennifer's case I am making the exception. We hired Jennifer in 2001 to work in our Northwestern Mutual Agency. The position was for Director of Client Relations Center. We chose Jennifer over several other highly qualified candidates because of her high energy and positive attitude. She did not disappoint! Jennifer is extremely efficient, highly intelligent, a very skilled leader, and pays particular attention to detail. Jennifer was promoted to Director of Network Office Supervision because of her exceptional work as Director of Client Relations and her ability to handle the tough issues and handle the difficult conversations with our representatives when necessary. It was a hire that we would make over and over again and Jennifer was a large part of our agencies success.

Gregory L. Stine, Sr.

Gregory L. Stine Sr.
Retired Regional Vice President at the Hartford

Jennifer quickly earned my trust and respect as my coach when I came into a new leadership position. She was able to help me think broadly, create strategies to help my team reach goals and always provided resources for growth and learning. I was always amazed at her ability to listen and focus on what's important while also having incredible attention to detail. She has a great track record of results and inspires others to reach their potential.

Tracy Fineran

Tracy Fineran
Associate Financial Representative

Jennifer and I met through a mentoring program where she was tasked with helping me learn about career opportunities outside of my current field. As my mentor she went above and beyond the career guidance I initially sought from her. Jennifer has a number of great tools she shared with me on developing personally and professionally in a way that lead to great success, including a promotion in my current career. I highly recommend her services. She is professional and thoughtful in her approach. I know we will connect again as professional and personal development is an ongoing process.

Ann Eilenfeldt
Sr. Investment Closing Specialist at Northwestern Mutual

Jenn has the background, knowledge, and experience to be a valuable resource in her capacity. Based on this experience, she is a perfect partner for helping implement a wide variety of marketing ideas.
Most impactful is having a partner to help develop and implement the best strategies that will have a direct "return on investment". There any many thoughts and ideas we have learned over the years, but having Jennifer on board is making sure we take the best ideas and start with those first vs spinning our wheels.

Joe Pitterle
Financial Advisor

Jennifer comes to the table with a wealth of knowledge - our team is looking forward to taking advantage of all we can implement over time!
Most impactful is the knowledge of different opportunities she brings, and the strategy of how to tackle all these bit by bit.

Corey Vande Voort
Financial Advisor

Jennifer has been a great asset in organizing and mapping out my thoughts to help illustrate my value proposition. She is an expert to help me brainstorm, mapping out a plan, and taking the load of marketing duties off our plate.

Joshua C. Miller
Financial Advisor

Johsua C. Miller
Financial Advisor